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[Image taken 12.5.21] Marygate car park, York. The tendrils on the plants close to the camera show robust growth. This corridor may appear bucolic and shaded in hot weather but the unchecked plant and tree growth is hugely reducing the actu ... [more]

[Image taken 19.6.21] Marygate car park, York. Unchecked plant growth further reduces the sightlines of the steeper of the slopes to/from Scarborough Bridge. Mud visible at the bottom. See also: #170505. Other images today: #170482 and link ... [more]

[Image taken 19.6.21] Marygate car park, York. Unchecked plant growth exacerbates blind corners. Mud not cleared. Drainage not attended to despite this being reported as a hazard and therefore an issue. See also: #170506. Other images today ... [more]

[Image taken 19.6.21] Marygate car park, York. Typical users of this key route. Note the blind corners - in all directions for all users, the mud at the bottom of the slope - evidence of drainage issues, and the unchecked plant growth - see ... [more]

[Image taken 19.6.21] Marygate car park, York. Typical users of this key route between the rail station, tourist accommodation, leisure options and local connections. The women with the wheeled luggage have had to move to enable the people ... [more]

[Image taken mid-June 2021] Fourstones, Northumberland. One of several signs of this design seen in the Hadrian's Wall area. It's part of the County Council's plans to encourage residents and visitors to make more journeys on foot and by cy ... [more]

[Image taken 20.6.21] Terry Avenue, York. The zebra in: #168497 has been removed. Other images this subject search on 'TerryAvenueLiveDiversion'. Terry Ave closing overview: #164095

[Image taken 19.6.21] Museum St, St Leonard's Pl, Duncombe Pl, Blake St junction, York. The damage (see: #165155) here is finally marked up for repair. Thousands of cycle journeys must be made in all directions over this junction each day. ... [more]

[See later image: #170488.] [Image taken 10.5.19] York rail station. The barriers make access to and the exit from the station (and through it) difficult, uncomfortable, stressful. People cannot more through in their natural (social or prot ... [more]

[Image taken 19.6.21] York rail station. Instructions on using the racks. The racks cannot be used by everyone due to the need to lift a cycle or because the designs exclude some bespoke, adapted or 'luggaged' machines. However, there is go ... [more]

[Image taken 19.6.21] York rail station. Doubleheight racks with pre-formed grooves/slots. Wider wheels, cycles with front racks, front luggage, trikes don't fit into them. The racks are divided into sections by letters. This is good practi ... [more]

[Image taken 19.6.21] York rail station. Doubleheight racks accommodate more cycles. But they exclude a lot of designs and not everyone can operate them. More images of the racks see: #170491, #170492. Other images at the station today see: ... [more]

[Image taken 19.6.21] York rail station. Good practice. Many people park their cycles at the station for differing lengths of time. This sign is where people on cycles can see it, it's bright red so very visible and the image shows immediat ... [more]

[Image taken 19.6.21] York rail station. Pre-covid pandemic this was a polluted, chaotic and therefore hazardous area for people on foot, on cycles and in wheelchairs. There were more active travellers than drivers or passengers. Yet it fel ... [more]

[Image taken 19.6.21] York rail station. Cyclists dismount sign. There's no obvious reason for it. There's a map for cyclists on the left: larger version see: #168901. This is good practice. Other images at the station today see: #170488, # ... [more]

[Image taken 19.6.21] Crichton Avenue/Burton Stone Lane, York. Two barricades (marked CYC - City of York Council), a sign and a cone. Redundant. Unsightly. Obstructions. Potential hazards. And can be reused somewhere they are needed. Other ... [more]

[Image taken 19.6.21] Station Road/Rougier Street/Tanner's Moat junction, York. Freestanding signage for temporary works seems to create more issues (such as being an eyesore as here) than it solves. If no-one removes it after use, or if it ... [more]

[Image taken 19.6.21] Station Road/Rougier Street/Tanner's Moat junction, York. The number of signs has reduced (see: #169525). But has one simply been moved? See: #170485. All images today: #170482 and links.

[Image taken 19.6.21] Rougier Street, York. Is this damaged sign that narrows the pavement and could fall into the road to become a hazard for people on cycles, this one: #170133? Other images today: #170482 and links. Other images like thi ... [more]

[Image taken 20.6.21] Marygate car park, York. Sign not doing its job. Sandbag creates a hidden hazard. The sign was in situ on 6.5.21 see: #168554. But who owns it? CYC? All street furniture costs money to buy and takes resources to manufa ... [more]

The "Recommended Route for Cycling" sign can probably be taken down now the protected cycle route has been built on the opposite side of the road and the on-road cycle lanes removed.

The toucan crossing gives access to the protected South West Cityway cycle route on Shields Road.

Parking on the footway, driving in the hatching. The rules of the road have broken down. Just beyond the van is a dropped kerb, before the traffic signals, that allows access to the footway in order to use the toucan crossing across to t ... [more]

Door-zone cycle lanes on Maxwell Drive.

Door-zone cycle lanes on Maxwell Drive.

The underpass in #170471 does see some usage for getting between NCN7 and the Scotstoun Conservation Area, since the route gives safe access to Earlbank Avenue.

A cycle route is signed through the narrow underpass between Dumbarton Road and the ground to the rear of Lennox Avenue. Pedestrians walking to Victoria Park would be well advised to ignore the signs and walk in the direction not signed ... [more]

No provision for cycling through the closure of Victoria Park Drive South at Westland Drive. A dropped kerb and toucan crossings at the junction signals would probably suffice.

The footway is meant to be shared-use, but is not signed as such, and is covered in debris from the disintegrating road surface. This provides a cycle route between the Clyde Tunnel and some entrances to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

The footway of Hillington Road (at least part of which is shared-use) is loosing width to the bush, which will need cut back at some point. The toucan crossing connects Penilee and Hillington as part of a minimal signage quietway style c ... [more]

NCN route 72 looping underneath itself at Ovingham bridge, Prudhoe

NCN route 68 towards the traffic-free bridge to Haltwhistle station

Sign for NCN route 68 south from Haltwhistle - but there's a more direct route to the left if you don't mind crossing the A69 bypass.

Modal filter on the bridge by Haltwhistle station - the official NCN route 68 turns to the right, but there's a more direct route to the left if you don't mind crossing the A69 bypass.

Route sign for NCN route 68 south from Haltwhistle

Route sign at the junction of NCN routes 68 and 72 in Haltwhistle

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[Image taken 18.6.21] Marygate car park, York. Every year the critical active travel route for residents and visitors (it links schools, uni, the hospital, tourist accommodation, the river, and the rail station over Scarborough Bridge) is m ... [more]

[Image taken 12.5.21] Marygate car park, York (looking in the direction of Bootham). The width of this route is just 320cm wide despite it being at a junction with a steep slope. People on cycles need a runup to and sufficient space (turnin ... [more]

[Image uploaded 2.5.21. Image taken?] Menai Bridge. No overtaking sign showing cars but with text in both Welsh and English to make it applicable to people on cycles. In English it says: 'Except bicycles by bicycles'. It is the TSRGD-appro ... [more]

Newer image: #170500 [Image taken 5.5.21] Terry Avenue (Millennium Bridge/Butcher Terrace end). This zebra appeared at lunchtime. Passing spaces were being installed too. Their purpose and presence of the vehicles creating them further detr ... [more]

[Update see: #170496] [Image taken 9.3.21] Museum Street, York at its junction with St Leonard's Place (left), Duncombe Pl (ahead), Blake St (right), York. Damage to the tarmac immediately - unavoidably - straight ahead of the ASL. The numb ... [more]

Update: the clutter has reduced see: #170484. [Image taken 21.5.21] Station Road/Rougier Street/Tanner's Moat junction, York. This facility and space is oversubscribed. It’s needed by active travellers included people with limited sight ... [more]

Update: On 19.6.21 this sign seemed to have been restored to the pavement see: #170483. [Image taken 13.6.21] Rougier Street, York. This is one of the fallen signs and cone I have been trying to report. On 12.6.21 they were here: #170004 an ... [more]

Update: The barricade had gone on 19.6.21. The sign remained. [Image taken 13.6.21] Rougier Street, York. I caught my wheel on the protruding base of this barrier as I passed. It started to fall on me. It’s unstable. If a child knocked it ... [more]

Update: This sign had gone on 19.6.21. [Image taken 14.6.21] Rougier Street, York. Redundant sign. Potential hazard. Other images this issue: #170164 and links.

Update: The crash barrier had gone on 19.6.21. The sign remains. [Image taken 12.6.21] Rougier Street, York. The crash barrier is on part of the diversion for wheelchair users and pedestrians during flood works. However the Environment Agen ... [more]

Update: This sign was righted. [Image taken 22.5.21] Wellington Row, York. One of the Wellington Row - Esplanade diversion signs has fallen over. The cones are nothing but clutter and hazards. More fallen signs here and elsewhere plus links ... [more]

On the A199 they seem to think cyclists in both directions should be on the same shared-use footway - but as this is the former A1 (the modern dual-carriageway is to the right) it's almost traffic-free - although some cars do move fast.

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  • Icon 170502 20mph and speed restriction pass the school area
  • Icon 170499 With so many communities within a short distance it should be a 40 mph road to encourage cycling. The added benefit of greater road safety for all road users.
  • Icon 170498 Lots of residential properties and businesses on this section of road makes it inappropriate to be national speed limit. It should be a 40mph speed limit for greater road safety for all road users.
  • Icon 170497 Reduce speed limit to 40 mph for the complete length of this road as dangerous and busy junction for vehicles let alone people on bikes.
  • Icon 170480 SIGNAGE for dog owners to keep their dogs on a lead. Horses should be in a field, not here. MORE DOG POO BINS!!
  • Icon 170479 Road surface broken up causing cyclists to swerve to avoid - from bottom of the hill, to the top.
  • Icon 170478 Current cyclehoops secured hangars in the street are quite insufficient. Numerous residents have been waiting for years for spots.
  • Icon 170387 Rat run for traffic from Northern Distributor.
  • Icon 170386 Rat run for traffic from the Northern Distributor road. School children need to cross and it is very busy. Very dangerous, lolly pop lady is not there at all the times that children need to cross.
  • Icon 170385 Cycle path needed as this is a very popular cycle route but it is very dangerous as it is a very busy road. As well as dangerous for the cyclist, cyclists cause traffic congestion so a cycle path would help traffic flow as well as be safer for the cyclist.
  • Icon 170384 A very busy cycle route for commuters, school children and leisure cyclists but it is very dangerous as it is very busy.
  • Icon 170383 Some kind of path nearer the river - no one can walk near it as it is private land - such a shame.

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