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Narrow road due to parking with traffic going too fast. Ideal solution would be for it to be pedestrianised.

They need to remove the pedestrian refuge in the road because there isn't room for a bicycle and a car to pass the pedestrian crossing and bikes can't run up alongside the queuing traffic to reach the traffic lights. Worse still with the lo ... [more]

Drayton high road should have a cycleway to link Drayton with Norwich

Bluebell Road would be improved if it were a cycleway, with no through traffic for cars, or with "cars travel behind cyclists here" as they have in Strasbourg (priority for cyclists over motor vehicles).

There is no space for cyclists where the road is pinched with islands as traffic queues for the lights at Unthank Road. A cycle lane is needed on both sides of Colman Road and a cycle refuge at the front at the traffic lights.

The footpath and the new pedestrian crossings are too narrow at the corner.

Blind corners going in/out of bridge crossing (especially to the south) - signs encouraging the use of bells to alert pedestrians and other cyclists would reduce collisions and encourage responsible space sharing.

Cars often try and overtake cyclists on this stretch of Gypsy Lane. It should be one-way for cars to enable safer over-taking. Popular route for cyclists to/from UEA.

The section where the paved section joins the downhill slope leading to the underpass is uneven and gets very slippy in the winter. Improving the join between the paved area would be good, especially as it is the main traffic free cycling r ... [more]

This junction always feel unsafe on my daily cycling commute travelling from the East. Turning right and then merging left as a cyclist on Clarence road has often resulted in near misses.

Crossing point for pedestrians is unsafe / too steep for disabled users and not controlled. The nearest safe place to cross the road is at the top of the hill which isn’t ideal. A lot of people cross here from County hall to the train st ... [more]

This uncontrolled crossing is very unsafe at rush hour, cars leaving the roundabout are speeding up at this point and don’t stop or slow down for pedestrians. A raised table or similar could help.

With the NDR there are lots of paths and cycleways to walk and use your bike. But to get there you have to walk or bike down the Plumstead Road from the Village Hall to the railway crossing about 600m but you really have to take your life i ... [more]

Provide segregated cycleway on approach to roundabout. Reduce number of road traffic lanes. Reduce speed limit over roundabout to 20mph from all directions.

The crossing here should be made one stage, to avoid crowding in the middle stage.

Coming uphill on King Street and turning right onto Bracondale there is no cycle box at the lights and traffic is often queuing. As a cyclist then you have to move over early to the right when you are going slowly uphill

The centre of the city should be closed to cars in such a way that it is not possible to drive straight across the city centre; this would still allow access but reduce traffic cutting across the centre.

Jessop Road / N Park Ave would make a better westbound route to UEA (avoiding Avenues hill); then The Avenues could have a decent cycle lane for the eastbound route. Needs a couple of crossing upgrades.

Cycleway here would allow cyclists to go into the centre, and pick up safe routes to hospital, UEA. An alternative would be to give dedicated space on A1151 for cyclists allowing them to cut across and go down Magdalen St into town.

The road narrows and cyclist get pushed into the gutter. Traffic is held up behind cyclists going up the hill. From the junction around to carrow road there is room for a cycle way the housing side of parking on the first half and verge/exi ... [more]

Cars regularly go well over the speed limit (20mph) making the road feel v. dangerous for cycling. Cycle lanes would slow traffic and provide safe space

A School Streets scheme should be implemented here

Provision of cyclists going straight on needed (continuing South West bound onto A1054), stressful experience (many cars turning right onto A146) with no cycle provision help - the path ends dangerously at the petrol station.

I agree with adjacent pont regarding a shared use cycleway alongside Drayton Road. I had been in touch with the local councillor before coronavirus struck. He is keen on exploring the idea of a cycleway all the way along Drayton Road. I wil ... [more]

Brigg Street/Haymarket/Gentleman's walk. Painted lines cycle lane down the middle of this whole street, from Rampant Hotse Street to Exchange Street. Its a good route through the city. Encourage pedestrian separation/one way walking.

There needs to be a separate cycle lane to cross at the crossing lights like the new pedestrian & cycle crossing further up St Crispins Road.

Please allow cyclists to cross from Queen Street into cathedral - pedestrian crossing not big enough for cycles and you don't want to join busy bus/taxi traffic.

Pedestrian/cycle crossing here from riverside cycle route onto King Street - horrible, noisy, fast and difficult to join and traffic lights too far away to be useful

Cycle path ends at traffic lights, so you have to rejoin busy road. Allow cycling on pavement all the way to the roundabout and beyond.

Needs downhill cycle route

Needs downhill cycle route

Needs downhill cycle route

Needs upgrading. New cycle track but terrible sub standard design, too narrow with gaps

Needs upgrading. Cow Drive is an busy cycle link to the hospital and science park. It is a below standard shared use path with priority to pedestrians.

Partial closure of Duke Street - reduce to single lane outbound for traffic. The road has been single lane for some years due to building works and now more building work higher up has reduced that section. So keep it single lane and better ... [more]

Pavement too narrow. Very busy road

This junction is supposed to be closed but the bollard has been missing for some time and is used as a through route

Park Lane carries a lot of rat-running traffic. It has very narrow pavements and is a busy cycle route

Street is narrow and clogged with street furniture, bar tables etc. yet is supposed to be a two way part of National Cycle Network. Widen for pedestrians and cyclists by removing blockages on pavements.

Shared cycle/pedestrian path going out of city, needs to be wider (or add separate on road cycle lane to keep cyclists and pedestrians separate).

Busy road forces cyclists to use narrow pavements shared with pedestrians. Reduce width of road to cars to give proper space for cyclists and pedestrians.

Cars park on the smooth edges of the rod which are intended for cycling. Ban parking - or resurface road to make it more usable for cyclists.

This pavement is wide enough to be a shared use path

There is not enough space for this to be a shared use path. It’s very busy with pedestrians

Cars often park fully on the pavement both sides here leaving no room for people to pass each other. It’s not safe to walk in to the road

There is a huge gap from the cycle way from Horsford and Horsham St Faith to link with Norwich Please place a cycleway along the A140 from the A1270 to the City Centre.

Too narrow with parking spaces to left, so that cars end up driving head on towards cyclists using contraflow cycle lane.

The cycleway here is inadequately protected, with bollards far apart. It is also too narrow.

This shared crossing is very crowded at peak times. A proper cycle way should be put in on both roads at the junction and a separate turning made for cyclists.

With two schools very close together this road gets very busy at school run time. It should be filtered as a school street (closed to vehicles at school run time.) It is also a main route to the UEA for cyclists.

This is a narrow street with narrow pavements, which are especially obstructed on rubbish collection days, forcing pedestrians onto the street. It is one way with a contraflow cycle lane, but it's not wide enough for a cyclist and driver to ... [more]

Impossible for cyclists to filter to the front of the queue of traffic, making it difficult and more dangerous to use the cycle path on to Magdalen Street (drivers do not check mirror before turning left). Put wide slightly and put cycle pa ... [more]

No space for cyclists going out of the city to access homes or join cycleway further along Newmarket Rd, pavement narrow, road narrow. Result, cyclists can get squeezed out.

If St Bennedict's Street was pedestrianised, there should be a dedicated cycleway - otherwise this would slow down a key cycle route if it was made shared use

Bluebell road shared pavement is too narrow for a rider to pass a pedestrian and leave 1.5m of space. A separate cycleway is needed.

Pavements too narrow so make St Benedicts Street pedestrian.

Cycleway directly into city

Separate cycle path required

Pavements get very crowded around the two bus stops, bus stops should be moved to wider pavement and not opposite each other.

Close the bottom of Oak St to cars turning right off St Crispins to make Oak St quieter and more space for walking cycling.

Difficult to cross Whitefriars when walking Riverside Walk because of speeding traffic

Jarrold Bridge to north Riverside Walk is inaccessible to wheelchairs or buggies because of the steps at one end.

While Riverside Rd is so dangerous an alternative route through the Cathedral grounds would be very helpful. e.g. Gooseberry Gdns, Hook Walk, Horsefair Loke.

The cobbles under the gate make it very difficult / dangerous to walk, so everyone tries to squeeze onto the narrow path on either side. Replace the cobbles with flat paving.

Britannia Road should be closed to through motor traffic.

Gurney Road should be closed to motor traffic between the the lower and upper car parks.

A cycleway through the old Colman's works to Bracondale roundabout would solve a lot of problems and take cycles off the pavement at King St / Bracondale.

The pavements are much too narrow for the number of pedestrians using the station, and the crossing needs to be single-stage.

Raised table or informal zebra needed for pedestrians at Rouen Road junction with Golden Ball St.

Lovely cycle crossing lights but the route goes straight into a brick wall.

Cycling northbound on Riverside Road you are in the door zone the whole way - need to stop parking and provide a cycle lane.

Cars park on the pavement on both sides of the road making the pavement less than a metre in places.

This two stage crossing is also bad for pedestrians who have to crowd together on the island - needs to be single-stage.

Two stage crossing means pedestrians and cyclists have to crowd onto the central island.

Vital link from east to south, avoiding city.needs better surface and width

Most people going towards the city have to use the right hand lane because it becomes a bus lane which means the left hand lane is kind of redundant

Impossible for cyclists on this roundabout

Cars get stuck behind bikes here so much

Only one pavement on one side of road so impossible to distance

Very narrow pavement only on one side of road with barrier - not possible to distance

Improved pedestrian and cycle crossing on this roundabout is required. It's difficult to navigate for pedestrians and for cyclists the roundabout puts the cyclist in a blind spot in some areas due to the contour of the roundabout over the h ... [more]

Every day there are cars parked on the double yellow lines, making this road more unsafe than it needs to be. This parking needs to be enforced against.

Pavement narrows at this point and to socially distance you have to dip into a shop doorway and face away from oncoming pedestrians. Even in normal times it's uncomfortably close to the road when busses are passing

The junction here is not sufficiently marked and is dangerous for road users travelling on St Georges Street as they are not aware they need to give way to Colegate (or the other way around, who knows!)

There is no provision for cyclists in this area, the road is wide and there is lot of room for this improvement

Poor roundabout layout is an accident hotspot for all road users

Dolphin path is narrow & poorly surfaced - improvement required

Bowthorpe Road could be closed to through traffic to allow safer transport for cyclists between Bowthorpe and Norwich. Access by car would still be possible but direct travel cut off

Since the roundabout was widened, this point has become impossible to cross. Drivers turning left from Dereham Rd (city-bound) onto Sweet Briar Rd often do not use indicators and it feels very unsafe to cross

At peak times the crossing here is impossible to cross for some time, and this creates a group of people in the central island

Lots of cyclists in this area, the shared path should be converted to a dedicated cycle and dedicated pedestrian lane, to ensure pedestrians can have a safe space to walk

This industrial park is dangerous to cycle with HGVs travelling fast and cars parked on both sides of the road making it very narrow. Double yellow lines should be considered all the way down to ensure people can travel safely to work in ... [more]

The pavement here should be widened and a cycleway or shared use path is required to allow cyclists to travel this road - there is no alternative route for cyclists and the road is very dangerous for a cyclist to ride

Narrow road due to new car parking - this area should be reduced to 20mph continuing the 20mph area on the other end of Waterworks Rd

Parking is required for cycles at the Cathedral Retail Park

There is sufficient room for a cycleway here, potentially the advisory-only kind to ensure there is still room for the delivery vehicles which service the industrial park

Motor vehicles (mostly delivery vans) regularly drive over this area despite being closed to traffic. This needs to be enforced or physically blocked off.

Crossing this road is difficult because drivers regularly exceed the speed limit by 10mph, this needs to be addressed

When using the shared use path, it is not possible to cross to the County Hall without crossing several parts of the roundabout with fast moving traffic

An improved crossing for cyclists and pedestrians is required here - currently both end up waiting in the central island where social distancing is not possible

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